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Faizur Rehman is a designer with cross-disciplinary skills, Creating great experience products & brands.

About me, Skillset & My tools
I am a designer with knowledge of Business, Design & Marketing. I am helping my clients to create products and brands and I create websites, apps, products, branding & frontend. Besides this, I am helping thousands of people in learning design.

I mostly use every tool, and I believe that It's good to have good design but more important your design must solve the business problem first, if not then it is just design nothing else.

I provide the best services to my clients to
grow their businesses
UI/UX Design
+ Web design
+ iOS/Android design
+ UX Design
+ Wireframes
+ Design sprint
+ Prototyping
+ Build Responsive Website
+ Web Optimization
+ Logo
+ Branding Elements
+ Products Designs
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